It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Part 1

I feel like that is probably the most popular post name during December, but I doubt any other post features a one-eared reindeer and a farting ornament. More on that later.

Over the past few days I have been diligently turning my house into a mini Christmas Wonderland. It definitely isn’t as extreme as my first Christmas in my first college apartment- my roommate came home and asked why the North Pole threw up in our living room- but I like to think our house is tastefully exuberant and festive.

Let’s start with the main event – the living room of course.


Our first Christmas tree in our first home. Super exciting for a Christmas nut like myself. The tree is definitely a little awkward- it has some protruding branches and weird bald patches, but hey we won’t hold that against it.  It also has two tops- one top that is actually the top branch but it isn’t centered. And then the faux top- a tall branch close to the top of the tree that pretends like it should hold the topper, but in all reality it is just a branch, not the tree point. Alas, we haven’t found our “perfect topper” yet anyway, so the two top branches can just duke it out for now until it comes time to actually place our crowned jewel on the tippy tip top. Tune in for the Battle of the Topper another day.

Here are some more shots of our lovely tree. Eisley of course is camped out on her living room bed (yes, she has a living room bed and a bedroom bed… we want to make sure she is supremely comfortable).  She likes to lay in her bed and stare up at the tree. I think she is a Little Elf in the making.DSC_0025



In that last picture you can see my head in the corner… I’m just sittin’ on the couch staring at my tree. Oh and ignore that pile of Christmas decor to the right of the fireplace. We had not hung our stockings at the time of this picture and they were just hanging out on the pirate chest at the time. And you know us, we like to keep things real up in here, so I didn’t crop it out.

You may be wondering about the red glow beneath the tree.  Well, you know Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen… Commit and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall? The most famous reindeer of all?



And you thought you knew the words to that song! Heh. I got you there!

Rudolph was always my favorite piece of decor growing up. I always begged my mom to drag him out of the basement and nestle him under the tree. I mean, how adorable is he?! For some reason my mom was never super enthusiastic about Rudolph, so this year she gave him to me.

Come to find out, Rudolph lost an ear in this adventures under the Christmas tree one year.


Mom joked that I was crafty and would find some way to fix him. She suggested I make him a new ear (seriously, I have never boasted wood whittling on my crafting resume) or just adding a cute mini Santa hat to his head. I think he is OK with one ear. I think it is a testament to his age. And how can you resist this adorable face… seriously?!


As this is our first Christmas as a couple in North Carolina, our parents took the opportunity to pass along all of our childhood ornaments. I am not sure if it was out of generosity or self-interest attic cleaning, but either way, we have found ourselves with a tree-full of ornaments. Hallmark creatures from years past, Santa on skis, handmade ornaments from elementary school friends, ornaments celebrating our first married Christmas (last year)… it’s a good time on the B-tree (the Bowden’s Christmas tree, duh).

Also on the tree are a set of handmade ornaments made by my maternal Great-Grandmother. Each ornament is hand-sewn with tiny sequins and detailing.


There are Santas, and Mrs. Claus, elfs, and angels, and of course a little boy farting on a candle:


No but seriously, that’s what Ross thought when he hung it on the tree. “Why is there an ornament of a little boy farting on a candle?” he asked.

I quoted the popular poem “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack jumps over a candle stick.”

Ross looked at me, thought for a split second and said “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Jack farts on a candle stick.”

Wow, the maturity level in our house is so high.

I came home last night to stockings hung by the chimney with care:


From back to front, the burlap sock is Ross’s, then Henry (his has bells because he likes to pat them), mine, and Eisley’s (big enough for new chew toys).

In all honesty, they are just random stockings we collected from thrift stores in Portland. One day we will graduate to real stockings (that MATCH) with our names on them, but for now, I like the eclectic, mix-matched feel.

Here is a day light shot, including the tree, stockings and good ol’ Ruddy.


Tomorrow I will bring you La Fonda dining room all decked out in her festive attire! Stay tuned!



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