DIY with Emilie: Bungalow 5 Jacqui table knock-off

Today I am very excited to share a guest post with you, from my good friends Emilie and Coleman.

I met Emilie in graduate school (just a few weeks before I met Ross), and we immediately became inseparable. We studied together, went to class together, drank beer together… it was truly a great friendship from the beginning.

Over the past few years our friendship has matured from statistics books and beer to weddings and home projects…. and beer. What can I say? We are a classy bunch. :)

Emilie and Coleman bought an adorable house north of Raleigh earlier this year and I have loved watching her add color and life to the space. We have always talked about how we have such different styles, yet we both LOVE each other’s choices. Although we initially tend to gravitate towards different items and styles, I would totally move in to her house tomorrow and be happy as a clam. I mean, could these bedrooms be any more adorable?!

734491_10100364317921166_30086205_n 994850_10100464742304896_390537223_n

So today, I am super excited to share a great DIY-tutorial of Emilie’s new console table. It is amazing. Here’s Emilie!

Katie has been after me for a while to do a guest blog post, but I never felt like I really had anything worth sharing with the world… Our DIY projects thus far have consisted of refinishing furniture and coasters. Finally my husband and I embarked on our first furniture building experience and I knew this would be right up Katie’s DIY blog alley!

My husband, Coleman, and I have Hermes taste with a Hobo budget… I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at top dollar designs and then researching ways to do it myself and/or finding similar items at lower end stores to achieve the same look. One place in our house that really has been begging for attention is this space at the end of our entry hall.

image (5)

So I spent some time on Pinterest (as usual!) looking for different designs for entry ways and fell in love with the Bungalow 5 Jacqui table.  Since the table was WAY out of our budget , I tried to move on and find another console table that would fit our budget (crying the entire time)…  until I ran across this blog post from The Hunted Interior on how to build your own Jacqui table!

After sending the plans to my husband to see if he thought it was feasible to build, we were off!

Supplies list:

  • Plywood or MDF (we used plywood)
  • Table saw or circular saw
  • Measuring tape (measure twice, cut once!)
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge
  • Jig saw
  • Compass (we didn’t use one, but I would highly recommend it!)
  • Palm sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (we used high gloss enamel paint)
  • Rub on Polyurethane
  • Wood glue
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Pocket hole screws
  • Clamp
  • Drill
  • Nail gun
  • Spackle
  • 1 handsome and handy husband (Katie and I agree this is top priority for any DIY project!)

Thankfully we had some leftover wood in our garage from other projects and either had all the tools or could borrow them from the in-laws. We have a few stores we frequent for tools if we don’t have them on hand: the in-laws garage, the in-laws basement and if we absolutely have to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

To start we drew out the design on the plywood. We just went for it on the curves, measuring as we went to make sure they both went down the same height on the front and back pieces.  We used items around the garage to get a smooth circle, but I would recommend using a compass. We were in full force when we started and didn’t want to stop to go buy one. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, a compass would have made things much easier!

image_1 (6)


Then we were off… I was holding the plywood while my husband was cutting the pieces out very carefully with the jig saw. Of course we couldn’t get pictures of this step because both of our hands were full!

image_2 (8)

After all 4 sides were cut, my husband drilled pocket holes in each of the pieces (following the directions very carefully because I did nag about that). Using wood glue and screws the sides were then placed together.

image (11)

image_1 (5)

After drawing out the top, we then cut out the top using the table saw and using wood glue and a finishing nail gun, attached it.

image_2 (2)

Then came the long process of spackling the sides where the plywood edges showed. I have no pictures of this process because it was painful and I don’t like to remember such painful things… It was long and terrible! Spackle, sand, wait. Spackle, sand, wait. Spackle, sand, wait….

Now for the fun part, PAINT! We have a lot of black, brown and white furniture in our house… BORING! I was ready for something fun. So off to the paint store we went. We knew we wanted something bold and bright… Green, blue, red were all in the running, but a bold cobalt blue (Behr Song Bird) won by a landslide and I cannot say I have had second thoughts since!image_3 (3)

After 3 coats of high gloss enamel paint with our nifty Wagner paint gun, we were ready to polyurethane. We opted for the rub on kind because it is quick and easy. Three coats of poly and the table was ready to come inside, FINALLY!

image_4 (3)

Coleman made me wait a good 72 hours before I could place anything on the table just to be extra careful it was completely dry since it has been so humid. TORTURE!

There are still a few decorating items I need for the look to be complete (magazine holder and/or 2nd garden stool, etc), but all-in-all it is complete!


Décor items are from:

  • Garden Stool and Lamp: Home Goods
  • Print: gift but I was told it was from Etsy
  • Candle: Tocca
  • Tray: AC Moore
  • Books: Amazon
  • Monkey: gift

So there you have it, and ADORABLE console table that gives a major splash of color. Emilie tells me that any time she is at home she peeks down the hall to get a look at it, and I totally would too! And I definitely have a crush on that paint gun – maybe she will let me borrow it one day?!

Today’s post was part of my “DIY with” series, featuring creative projects by friends of the Backseat Boone community. If you have a project you would like featured on Backseat Boone, feel free to leave a comment here, or reach out to me personally at . 

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